Zebra Green Screen 3D Animation PixelBoom
Zebra animal – 3D Animation

ZEBRA Zebras are African equines with distinctive black-and-white striped coats. There are three living species: the Grévy’s zebra (Equus grevyi), plains zebra (E. quagga), and the mountain zebra (E. zebra). Zebras share the genus Equus with horses and asses, the … Continued

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Pangolin – 3D Model Animated
Pangolin – 3D Model Animated

PANGOLIN Pangolins, sometimes known as scaly anteaters, are mammals of the order Pholidota (from Ancient Greek φολῐ́ς, “horny scale”). The one extant family, Manidae, has three genera: Manis, Phataginus and Smutsia. Manis comprises the four species found in Asia, while … Continued

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Monstrous Hooked Tentacles Wall PixelBoom
Hooked Tentacles – 3D Model Animated

HOOKED TENTACLES In zoology, a tentacle is a flexible, mobile, elongated organ present in some species of animals, most of them invertebrates. In animal anatomy, tentacles usually occur in one or more pairs. Anatomically, the tentacles of animals work mainly … Continued

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