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GRIMACE Shake – 3D Animation


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The lovable, spherical-shaped character Grimace has always been one of McDonald's most recognizable faces — even if fans never knew what he actually is  Ronald McDonald is a clown. Mayor McCheese is a cheeseburger. Birdie the Early Bird is a bird. The Hamburglar is a thief. Mac Tonight is a Moon. And the Fry Kids are, well, fries.
But what the heck is Grimace supposed to be?

The lovable, spherical-shaped, purple giant has always been one of McDonald's most recognizable characters, with his bright smile and his arms always open for a hug. But fans have never quite known exactly what he's supposed to be.

That is, until now. Back in 2021, Brian Bates — a manager of a McDonald's in Canada — revealed the answer to the Golden Arches' biggest mystery, telling CBC News that Grimace "is an enormous taste bud, but a taste bud nonetheless." 



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