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Milkwalker is a cartoon character of a milk carton introduced by American dairy cooperative Darigold, Inc. as its company mascot in the mid-1980s. Due to its eerily disproportionate physical appearance, the character became a popular subject of creepypastas and trollpastas on Tumblr in December 2016.
Milkwalker, an anthropomorphic milk carton, was originally created by Seattle-based dairy and agricultural co-op Darigold, Inc. as the mascot of the company and a public service announcement character that encourages children to remember their full name, address and telephone number in case of emergencies. On November 28th, 2016, over three decades after its introduction, various images of the obscure mascot began circulating online after it was highlighted by the Tumblr blog Heck-Yeah-Old-Tech (shown below).


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